Leadership Conference of Women Religious

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Several committees exist to carry forth the work of the conference. These include the following.

Contemporary Religious Life Committee

The Contemporary Religious Life Committee assists the conference to actively read the signs of the times from a gospel perspective, assuming an anticipatory role in understanding the implications for religious life, and bringing emerging questions, issues, and trends to the attention of the members. These questions inform the planning of programs, services, and resources offered to LCWR members to assist them in their ministry of leadership.

Executive Committee

This committee gives leadership and direction to the organization between national board meetings. Members are the president, president-elect, immediate past president, secretary, treasurer, executive director and two national board members elected from that body. The committee meets several times per year. 

Finance and Audit Committee

Subject to the LCWR national board, this committee has guardianship and responsibility for all monies received.  It reviews and recommends action on the annual conference budget, financial statements, and audit.  It also recommends rates for membership dues, oversees the investment portfolio, and recommends actions to ensure the financial stability of LCWR. The committee consists of the LCWR treasurer, the associate director for business and finance, and other members appointed by the national board. 

Global Concerns Committee

This committee provides direct service to members in fulfillment of the mission of LCWR to work for a just world order by using its corporate influence to effect systemic change. The committee initiates resolutions and actions that forward a social justice and peace agenda, especially on issues that impact women and children. Made up of LCWR members appointed by the executive committee of the board, the committee also includes the LCWR associate director for social mission. Normally the committee meets for extended in-person meetings twice a year in addition to its luncheon meeting held during the annual assembly.

Nominations and Elections Committee

This standing committee is responsible for developing a meaningful and efficient process by which members select officers for the organization. Committee members assist with the nomination process at the spring regional meetings; the committee members run the election process during the LCWR's annual assembly each August. The committee is composed of the executive director or staff liaison and at-large LCWR members appointed by the national board.

Resolutions Committee

The resolutions committee oversees the assembly resolution process.  Appointed by the executive committee of the board, it reviews proposed resolutions and may consolidate similar resolutions and prioritize the resolutions submitted. The committee is also responsible for planning and conducting the resolution hearing during the annual assembly.  Norms and time allotments for presentation and discussion are the responsibility of the committee.  The committee meets during the assembly and by conference call two-three times during the year.