This program is temporarily on hold.

Leadership Pathways is a process designed to engage the entire membership of the Leadership Conference of Women Religious in the ongoing process of becoming transformational leaders. Offerings are designed to assist elected leaders in deepening their capacity to lead from within in a way that is transformative for themselves and for their congregations.

LCWR members who are interested are invited to engage in an online learning lab aimed at deepening the skills and dispositions needed for transformational leadership.  The online learning labs are structured to fit into the daily life and demands of elected leaders.  They are designed to enhance the capacity to lead from an integrated contemplative space and to respond more effectively to the challenges and opportunities present in the ministry of leadership.  Participants are placed in learning groups or cohorts that can serve as sounding boards and wisdom circles for dealing with the complexities of leadership today.  The cohorts consist of five to six participants plus a group mentor or guide.

Each individual works at her own pace and each group determines together their schedule for working with the materials.  Ordinarily participants plan on spending an hour and a half a week working with the materials.  In addition participants commit to sharing with their cohort members in the online email exchange of ideas and insights as well as up to an hour and a half online face to face meeting once every six to eight weeks.

There are currently four offerings available in this section of Leadership Pathways:

  • Becoming the Leaders We Hope to Be: The Foundations of Transformational Leadership
  • A Guide to Facilitation: How to Improve the Odds of Hosting a Great Meeting
  • Rooted in God’s Mission: The Foundations of Mission-Grounded Leadership
  • Leading in an Evolving Universe (Note that this offering is a self-directed learning lab and does not have a mentor guiding the group)

An additional offering entitled Foundations for Becoming Transformational Leaders is also available.  This offering, which is an adaption of Becoming the Leaders We Hope to Be, is for congregation members who are not in elected leadership positions and who are recommended for participation by a member of their congregation leadership team.  Its purpose is to strengthen leadership capacities in members who demonstrate leadership ability and who may, at some point, be invited to serve in elected leadership.

The application form to participate in this offering is available under Leadership Pathways in the members' only section of the website.  An LCWR member must send the application form to the prospective participant.  Upon acceptance into the offering, the individual will receive a registration form to complete

A participant may sign up as an individual to participate in a learning cohort. Alternately participants can form their own learning cohort and sign up as a group. The fee for participation is $450 per person per module. (Ordinarily, team members who sign up for the same module will be placed in different learning groups.)