Be the Light for Our World

by Jane Herb, IHM -- LCWR President-Elect

With the pandemic, my morning ritual of going to the gym has changed; I walk in my neighborhood. Early in the spring, one of the sisters with whom I live offered me her headlamp since my walk was often in darkness. The light it provides ensures that I can maintain my balance when there are cracks or other irregularities in the sidewalk. I have noticed that when I turn my head, I see things that would have been hidden in the darkness. In early spring, I noticed buds on the bushes and trees; in the fall, I saw the ground covered by the beauty of colored leaves and the barren trees. I would have missed all this without the light of my headlamp.

The charisms and missions of our congregations are our headlamps and have guided us from the founding of our communities. They have given light to our paths as we served in our ministries. (Download the PDF below to continue reading)

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