Emmanuel, God-With-Us, Here and Now, Today and Tomorrow

by Carol Zinn, SSJ - LCWR Executive Director

As I’ve journeyed through these Advent days of holy waiting and watching, preparing for the feast of the Incarnation with eyes focused on a new calendar year filled with Epiphanies, the experience of the 2019 LCWR Assembly remains with me. The speakers and processes invited us to:

  • Widen our tents
  • Cross borders and boundaries
  • Celebrate our luxurious diversity
  • Become web-weavers and web-watchers
  • Facilitate the space for the emergence of religious life
  • Look toward the global realities of religious life
  • Develop more porous borders
  • Move towards collaboration more intentionally
  • Discern LCWR’s role in the public square
  • Make good use of technology
  • Practice leadership of the whole of religious life
  • Deepen our understanding of the intersection of migration, racism, and climate change. 

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