By Elise D. García, OP — LCWR President 

As spring unfolds into summer, the theme of emergence surrounds us – with all its struggle and hope, at once tentative and bold. 

We are witnessing it in such varied ways these days: From the emergence of faces with the new CDC policy on mask-wearing to the surfacing of cicadas in a 17-year cycle. From our sharpened focus on the emerging future of religious life to a deeper consciousness of white supremacy and the gospel imperative of honoring our multiracial, multicultural, multinational realities.

Emergence can be precarious. It is easier to remain isolated in our cocoons than risk the confusion of how to emerge in a post-COVID world, especially in these early stages. What are we being asked to discern as we begin to move toward in-person meetings and gatherings? What new ways of connecting have we learned during the past year that we do not want to lose? The window of time for keeping global warming to no more than 1.5 degrees C above pre-industrial times is fast closing, and permanently. COVID-19 may offer us powerful lessons in how to engage sustainably with one another as we emerge from this pandemic, ever mindful of the ticking climate clock. (To continue reading, download the PDF of the newsletter below.)

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