Who Will Be Our Dance Partners?

by Jane Herb, IHM -- LCWR President

In July I attended the wedding of my nephew in California. In a lovely outdoor setting, we celebrated the lifelong commitment of Trevor and Nikki. After dinner, I happened to be in the right place to watch the traditional mother-son dance. This was a special moment for my sister Marge and her son Trevor. At one point during the dance, my grandnephew Asher, age 2, decided he wanted to join the dance! Both Marge and Trevor reached out their arms to welcome him into it.

Today I continue to ponder the experience of our July assembly. In this virtual environment, I was touched by the connections that were made. We were challenged by the keynote addresses of Elise García, OP and Mercedes Casas Sanchez, FSpS. The panels of responders as well as the testimonies on transformation continue to give me much food for thought. Throughout the assembly we were placed in four different groups for reflection and sharing; and, in most of these groups, I was joined by several of our guests. About one-third of the 1100 who joined the assembly were guests and their participation enriched and widened the conversation. The gift of these women and men who joined “our dance” continues to give me food for thought... (Read the entire reflection on page 2 below)

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