January begins with a “star rising in the East.”What if we revisioned the story of theEpiphany in the context of the universe story and imagined the “star rising in theEast” as the sunrise really seen for the first time?  Gazing at the rising sun-star,we are compelled to stay with it finding ourselves led into a place of consciousness so brilliant that it appears as dark asa cave. What we see is the sun pouring its energy out, without reference to rank or distinction, on straw and stable, oxen and sheep, shepherd and king, mother and father and child.All is sun particle, star dust, birthed into the light of life by the magnificent stellar generosity of the sun.  Transformed by this epiphany, we choose a wisdom path alternative to Herodic privilege and position and, in the way of the sun that we are, pour out our energies prodigally in mutually life-enhancing ways

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