Former LCWR Executive Director Dies

Ed.’s Notes: Associate Director for Finance and Planning Eleanor Granger, OSF, was an LCWR Board member during Lora Ann Quinonez’s years as Executive Director.  

Lora Ann Quinonez, CDP, former LCWR Executive Director, died of cancer on April 29, 2002 at the Motherhouse of the Sisters of Divine Providence in San Antonio, TX.  Eleanor Granger OSF, Catherine Pinkerton CSJ, (1982 LCWR President) and her good friend, Mary Daniel Turner SNDdeN, (1972-1978 LCWR Executive Director) were present for all of us at the funeral on May 3, 2002. The entire LCWR Conference extends our sympathy to the Sisters of Divine Providence of San Antonio, TX and the Quinonez family.  

Lora Ann served the LCWR with great zest and enthusiasm from 1978-1986.  During her tenure in office, she was involved in many issues in the religious life forum as well as in the Church at large. In every instance, she worked diligently to analyze and strengthen the role of women religious in the Church.   

In the years following her tenure at LCWR, Lora Ann continued to use her many gifts in religious and political circles in the Washington DC area, in San Antonio and finally North Carolina.  This vibrant women was in her lifetime a teacher, a member of her leadership team, General Superior, co-author of American Catholic Sisters in Transition with Mary Daniel Turner SNDdeN, speaker, advocate and in the final three years of her life, she ministered to the Hispanic community and the Catholic parish of Kitty Hawk, North Carolina.  

Lora Ann died after a long and painful bout with cancer; at her funeral her General Superior Antoinette Bileaud CDP, quoted Lora Ann: “… that this walk is wholly encompassed by Providence, I am unshakably convinced. That the God in whom I trust will not abandon me, in fear and disorientation, in healing and hope, in sureness and lostness, I absolutely know…” May this valiant woman, friend and sister rest in peace. 
                                                                                           - Eleanor Granger OSF

LCWR Members Gather for New Leader Workshop

Nearly 100 LCWR leaders attended the New Leader Workshop at the Center for Development in Ministry in Mundelein, April 11-14, 2002. Offered annually, the workshop included the topic of leadership presented by Nancy Schreck, OSF; communications by Joy Clough, RSM; human development by Fran Repka, RSM; finances by Andree Fries, CPPS; and legal issues by Bernadette Kenny, RSHM. Additional breakout sessions were available on interests that surfaced through the participants’ questionnaire and at the workshop itself. Team members also had an opportunity to meet as a team and process what they had heard and learned from the presentations.

Staff members in attendance were Executive Director Carole Shinnick, SSND, Associate Director for Finance and Planning Eleanor Granger, OSF and Executive Assistant Suzanne Delaney, IHM. Plans are in process for next year’s workshop in Rochester, MN, April 3-6, 2003. Information for registration will be available in the October 2002 issue of UPDATE and posted to the LCWR website at

LCWR Assembly Resolution on Trafficking: LCWR Dialogues with  
Department of State  

On April 12, 2002,  Anele Heiges, OP, Lyn Ciocca, (both of MiraMed Institute), and LCWR Associate Director for Social Mission Judy Cannon, RSM met with Laura Lederer, Deputy Senior Advisor in the Department of State’s Office to Combat and Monitor Trafficking, to explore ways to connect in the work of opposing trafficking in women and children. Laura described her work of the last five months implementing the Trafficking Victims Protection Act of 2000 and shared copies of the Department’s current report on 81 countries having significant trafficking activity. This meeting supported the joint 2001 Assembly resolution that “LCWR and CMSM stand in support of human rights by opposing trafficking in women and children for purposes of sexual exploitation and forced labor, and will educate others regarding the magnitude, causes, and consequences of this abuse in the U.S. and the world.”

Laura Lederer would be happy to speak to LCWR regions, communities, colleges and other groups on essential aspects of trafficking: the scope of the problem within this 
country and abroad, analysis of the dynamics, and action steps to take in implementing the Assembly resolution. Please contact Judy Cannon in the LCWR National Office or Laura directly at phone: 202-312-9644 or email

LCWR Represented at Affordable Housing Press Conference

Jewish, Christian, Muslim, and Buddhist religious leaders, as well as six members of the US House of Representatives, called for passage of the National Housing Trust Fund Act in a press conference outside the Capitol April 24, 2002. The proposed bill is to establish a fund to produce, rehabilitate and preserve 1.5 million affordable housing units over the next ten years. Financing would come from surplus funds generated by the Federal Housing Administration and Government National Mortgage Association.

 In supporting the bill at the press conference, LCWR Associate Director for Social Mission Judy Cannon, RSM, noted, “Catholic sisters serve homeless persons through a diversity of ministries. They know firsthand the challenges and the strengths of people who struggle to find a decent place to live, to raise and educate children, and to provide for themselves and their families through meaningful work with a living wage.” Sixty LCWR members and religious communities signed the letter to President Bush calling for his endorsement of the Fund. The press conference, well attended by the media, was organized by Bernie Galvin, CDP, of the Religious Leaders’ National Call for Action on Housing. To get more information and send a letter to your Member of Congress, visit the NETWORK web site at and click on Legislative Issues.

Finance Committee Reviews Fiscal Reports

On April 26-28, 2002, the LCWR Finance Committee gathered at the Sisters of St. Joseph Carondelet Center in St. Louis, MO.  Paulette Gladis, CSJ, hosted the meeting as the Committee reviewed the financial health of LCWR. 

Mr. Vincent McNichol of Rittenhouse Investments joined the committee meeting via teleconference call.  In summary, he indicated that there are indications of a slow recovery in the economy: consumer spending and housing starts are good; capital spending is on an upswing; Federal rates are low.  Nonetheless, we still are in a serious recession, and the projection for the economy’s next 12 months is not favorable. 

The committee reviewed, discussed and accepted the March and April financial reports.  
The Committee also reviewed the ten year projection, updated related assumptions and outlined the reports due for the August Assembly and National Board meetings. 

The meeting ended with plans for the transition of membership in August, as Mary Bernadette McNulty, CSJ, will finish her term upon the appoint of a new Tresurer for  a three year term. The next meeting of the Committee will be held in October 2002.

LCWR Members Attend Third Continental Congress for Vocations  
Thirty LCWR representatives were part of the over 1,100 delegates who attended the Third Continental Congress for Vocations to Ordained Ministry and Consecrated Life, held April 18-22, 2002 in Montreal, Canada. The LCWR Presidency, National Board, LCWR members, LCWR Executive Director Carole Shinnick, SSND and Communications Director Sheila George joined a diverse group of delegates for the 4-day event, which was held at the invitation of Pope John Paul II following earlier vocational congresses held in 1994 and 1997.

“The intent of such an event is to celebrate ordained ministry and consecrated life, but to also further the efforts needed in creating a "vocation culture" in which persons can hear, discern, understand, and respond to God's call in their lives”, noted Catherine Bertrand, SSND, National Religious Vocations Conference Executive Director and Chair, Congress Program Team. 

Diversity of opinion, a goal of this congress, was evident in the wide range of delegates represented. Attendees included parents, young adults, youth directors, campus ministers, secular institute members, congregational leaders, bishops, pastors, vocation ministers, formation directors, seminarians, young religious, Serrans, Knights of Columbus, directors of lay organizations, educators, and members of the Eastern Rite Churches. The Congress was also linguistically diverse, offering simultaneous translation in three languages, English, French, and Spanish. 

Central to the Congress was the gathering of feedback on vocations and religious life from almost 10,000 people in dioceses, regions, eparchies, religious communities, and other configurations through regional gatherings held across the United States and Canada prior to the Congress. Statistics were synthesized and shared with all of the delegates at the Congress, as a foundational piece providing context for reflection, table discussion and for the work ahead. 

Five major presentations addressed key questions regarding vocations to ordained ministry and consecrated life. With a clear acknowledgement of current revelations and scandals in the U.S. Church, the presentations of Donald Senior, CP, LCWR member Marie Chin, RSM, Ron Rolheiser, OMI, Mary Johnson, SNDdeN, and Gilles Routhier  offered words that not only challenged but offered hope. Each speaker received overwhelming positive responses from the delegates at the time of their presentations. LCWR member Marie Chin’s address on” Culture: Our Sacred Dwelling Place”, received standing ovations throughout her presentation. 
(texts or outlines of these presentations are available on the Vocation Congress Web Site at Audio and video tapes may be ordered from Audio Archives and Duplicators Inc., Richmond Hill, Ontario  (905) 889-6555, x 22   email:

Sixteen workshops were also part of the program, in which various areas of vocation ministry were addressed with practical suggestions and directions.  Results of the LCWR-CMSM sponsored Image Project Study were highlighted during a workshop given by Center for the Study of Religious Life Executive Director Barbara Kraemer, OSF.

 A proud moment for LCWR occurred when LCWR President Kathleen Pruitt, CSJP, offered a spontaneous expression of sympathy to Canadians present on behalf of Americans for the accidental killing of 4 Canadian soldiers by an American pilot in Afghanistan on April 18. At that time, Canadian media was reporting Canadian anger that President Bush had not acknowledged or apologized publicly for this so-called “friendly-fire” incident. “There is no such thing as “friendly-fire”’, noted Kathleen in an interview later that day with a Catholic News Service reporter.

 One of the surprises of the event was the contribution of the over 130 young adults in attendance. Their presence enriched table discussions and added vitality to the gathering. Moreover, a spontaneous meeting of young people during the Congress led to a time of processing and the offering of a seven point statement at the end of the Congress articulating what Catholic youth wish to give to the Church and what they ask of the church in return (this statement may be viewed at the Vocations Congress web site – see address above).

Next steps include the drafting of a Pastoral Plan for Vocations by the Congress Executive Committee that will incorporate feedback from Congress delegates, to be released at the September 2002 national meetings of NRVC and NCDVD. The Acts of the Congress, a compilation of the main presentations, feedback synthesis from both pre-Congress regional gatherings and Congress delegates, and workshop summaries, are to be made available as soon as possible. 

Reflecting on the pastoral plan, Catherine Bertrand, SSND, notes,” A major invitation and challenge to those working with the formulation of the plan is to be faithful to the data which came from the local gatherings as well as from the delegates.  A number of our speakers confirmed the feedback from the delegates that this cannot only be about programs and long-range plans for vocation ministry, although there is a place for that.  The foundational challenge articulated time and again at the Congress was for "conversion of heart, within each of us, and within our Church." Closely linked to that was the need to find ways to create a culture for discernment on every level, for every age.  What surfaced was not "same old, same old."  ” 

Hope was a surprising outcome of the Vocations Congress, in Catherine Bertrand’s opinion. “Countless people indicated how deeply this Congress touched or even changed their lives. Yes, there is an urgency to do something regarding vocation awareness, education and invitation.  But it seemed to be of equal or even greater importance that we take another look at who we are as followers of Jesus, as Church, and how that must be foundational to anything we do.

                                              - Sheila George, with reporting from Catherine Bertrand, SSND 
LRCR Legal Seminar 2002 Addresses Topical Issues

Over 300 leaders, treasurers and others responsible for congregational management attended the 2002 Legal Resource Center for Religious (LRCR) Legal Seminar 2002, April 5-7, 2002.  at the Joseph Koury Convention Center at Four Seasons, Greensboro, NC.  Ten workshops and eight track sessions covered a wide range of legal, administrative and fiscal matters, while general sessions both opened and closed the Legal Seminar. 

LCWR Executive Director Carole Shinnick, SSND, a family therapist and counselor for religious for over 15 years, was part of a general session panel presentation on “The Legal, Ethical and Financial Aspects of Treatment Policies for Members”, a presentation particularly well received by Seminar attendees. Fellow panelist included Paul Lininger, OFM Conv., St. Luke Institute President Stephen Rossetti and LRCR Executive Director and canon lawyer Daniel J. Ward, OSB.

To order audio tapes of the sessions or for further information on Legal Seminar 2002 or LRCR, please direct your Web browser to www. 

Days of  Contemplation 2002 
Monthly Reflection: 
Jean Ackerman, OP

In the beauty of Spring, we live within the  
mystery of life. 
May the Spirit of passion and fire blow 
among us. 
Calling us to contemplate the reality of a 
world crying for our voices.

Volunteers Needed for 2002 Assembly   
For those who are interested in assisting at liturgies and rituals during the 2002 LCWR National Assembly, please fill out the enclosed flyer and return to Amy McFrederick,OP  
by July 1, 2002.

Grant Opportunity Available from Seton Institute 
Seton Institute, sponsored by the Daughters of Charity and the Sisters of St. Joseph of Nazareth, is soliciting proposals from Catholic women religious for primary health care training or services in the poorest countries of the world. Grants average $15,000 and are funded three times a year in response to written requests describing the need, objectives, methodology, and evaluation. Request forms from Seton Institute, 1800 Sullivan Ave., Suite 506, Daly City, CA 94015; tel: 650-757-2655; fax: 650-757-2644; e-mail:; web site:

Video Resources  
Catholic Charities of Sioux City has produced excellent videos on selected U.S. bishops’ statements on topics such as child sexual abuse, the effects of child sexual abuse on spiritual development, women’s gifts in the church, domestic violence, and the U.S. prison system. With group study guides, $10. For information contact Marilyn Murphy, phone 712-252-4547, email

Staff Changes 
LCWR says farewell to Pat Nash, who has served for the past 4 years as the National Office’s membership coordinator and database manager. Pat leaves us to return to NASA as a consultant to the automation of the agency’s budget process. Pat will continue to assist us as possible with this year’s Assembly registration. Best of luck in your new endeavors, Pat! 

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