The LCWR Collaborative Leadership Hubs, a series of five in-person meetings held in Dallas, St. Louis, Chicago, and Baltimore from April through June 2022, provided an opportunity for members of LCWR to reflect on the experience of religious life in this time of significant change. Part of the National Initiative to Discern the Emerging Future of Religious Life, the hubs gathered more than 550 participants in an ambiance conducive to prayer, deep listening, and contemplative dialogue. The sessions generated significant learnings about change and transitions in the experience of women religious at this point in the evolution of religious life.

This document offers an overview of the content and processes of the hubs as well as a description of the resources available for congregational use.


Early in the planning for the hubs, the committee drew inspiration from Pope Francis’ homily on the Feast of the Presentation, February 2, 2022, the 26th World Day for Consecrated Life. In his reflection, Francis focused on Simeon and Anna and three actions flowing from their unwavering hope in the coming of the Messiah. As Simeon encounters Mary, Joseph, and Jesus in the temple, “he is moved by the Spirit; then he sees salvation in the Child Jesus and finally he takes him into his arms “(cf. Lk 2:26-28).

With characteristic insight, Francis linked the scriptural story of Anna and Simeon to contemporary realities of religious life and invited reflection on three questions with great significance for consecrated life at this time: What moves us? What do we see? And what are we holding or taking into our arms?

As planning progressed, the metaphor of the temple and these three questions became a springboard for reflection on changing realities of religious life through the lenses of scripture, sociology, and canon law. In addition to input, each session included contemplative prayer and small and large group processes.

Core Presentations and Process Questions