LCWR welcomed representatives of the Catholic Religious of Australia (CRA) who have been in the forefront of creating a variety of sponsorship models for more than 25 years. Their recent efforts have included inter-congregational and inter-charism sponsorship models of ministerial public juridic persons (MPJPs). The CRA established the Association of MPJPs several years ago and continues to learn and re-create ways in which ministries founded by religious institutes can remain viable and vibrant expressions of the Gospel as well as the mission and charism of the founding religious institutes.

In this video filmed in September 2022, they share why and how the Australian religious moved in this direction. The panelists were:

  1. Linda Ferrington, RSC
  2. Dr. Gabrielle McMullen (Australian Catholic University)
  3. Paul Oakely, CFC
  4. Sharon Price, RSM
  5. Liz McGill, IHM (facilitator)