LCWR and many of its member congregations have been participating in an ink cartridge recycling program that helps protect the environment and conserve non-renewable resources.

LCWR works with a recycling company, Empties-4-Cash, an organization that rewards those who recycle by paying for each usable empty ink jet cartridge and for each usable empty laser cartridge. LCWR applies the earnings received to the scholarship fund that assists LCWR members who wish to attend the LCWR national assembly but cannot afford to do so.

LCWR congregations are invited to assist in building the scholarship fund by sending their cartridges directly to Empties-4-Cash and having their earnings applied directly to the scholarship fund. Congregations are encouraged to invite companies and other organizations to participate in this effort as well.

To participate in the program:

  1. Contact: 
    Bianca Louis
    LCWR Administrative Assistant 
    301-588-4955 or Bianca Louis.
  2. Provide a contact person and an email, phone number and address where labels can be sent.
    Empties-4-Cash will send the labels to all participants after the contact with Aisha is made. These labels are prepaid Fed-Ex labels and can be adhered to any box to be shipped directly to Empties-4-Cash at no cost to you. Once a shipment of cartridges is processed, LCWR will receive a check from Empties-4-Cash that will go to the Financial Assistance Fund.